TBEN News host tries to reimagine Statue of Liberty with Wild Take


MacCallum went into detail on “The Five” about a story in the New York Post that described claims made by an employee of the Row NYC hotel, which allegedly offered New York City-funded housing and food to migrants staying there.

The employee described migrants throwing away “so much food”, covering a room with empty alcohol containers and getting into a fight in the hotel.

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“When I read this story, yes, I think about [Emma] Lazarus’ poem about the Statue of Liberty: ‘Give me your weary, your poor, your huddled masses, longing to breathe free,’” said MacCallum, who later redesigned the statue, which is a symbol of welcome for immigrants.

She added: “And I think a little tear will roll down the Statue of Liberty’s head when she hears that the food isn’t exactly what they’d like and there’s chaos going on in these hotels, wherever there are people, according to this whistleblower, having sex in the hallways, getting into fights, domestic violence happens. What is going on?”

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