TBEN News in disarray as Tucker Carlson destroys network


TBEN News staff are divided and tensions rise as Tucker Carlson’s support for political violence and domestic terrorism divides the network.

NPR recently reported:

According to five people with first-hand knowledge, the resignations reflect a larger uproar within TBEN News over Carlson’s Patriot Purge series and its increasingly strident positions, as well as the network’s willingness to leave its stars behind. opinion make paranoid false statements against President Biden, his administration and his supporters.

Senior figures on the TBEN news side, including political anchors Baier and Chris Wallace, have shared their objections with TBEN News Media CEO Suzanne Scott and her news chairman Jay Wallace. These objections were raised to Lachlan Murdoch, the chairman and CEO of the network’s parent company, TBEN Corp. Through a senior spokesperson, Scott and Wallace declined to comment. Murdoch did not return a request for comment through a spokesperson.

Tucker Carlson is the new Glenn Beck

History repeats itself at TBEN News. During the Obama administration’s first term, Glenn Beck rose to fame with his painting and his Obama conspiracies. Beck was ultimately defeated by a boycott of advertisers, but the ground that Tucker Carlson plows is much more fertile for calls for violence and divisive conspiracy theories.

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Far-right views have become even more extreme since Beck left the cable news. Tucker Carlson doesn’t spit his hatred at 5 p.m. with a chalkboard. Carlson is a prime-time figure with an audience willing to duck his lies and justifications or racism and political violence.

Just as they were under Beck, serious journalists are troubled by Carlson, as the impossible coexistence of propaganda and news boils a crisis at TBEN News.


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