TBEN news reporter strains with Karine Jean-Pierre over classified Biden documents


White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre had a discussion Thursday with TBEN News correspondent Ed O’Keefe, with the White House reporter pressing the top aide for why she won’t say more about the discovery of classified documents pray in multiple locations associated with President Joe.

“What is the definition of transparent in this case?” asked O’Keefe. He and other reporters had questioned Jean-Pierre when the White House learned of the documents and when it decided to inform the public. “Is it the lawyers who are legally transparent with the [National] Archives and the Justice Department or is it the White House in general that is transparent to the general public?”

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Jean-Pierre stressed that the case was being taken seriously, although she stuck to the timeline of Biden lawyers who had alerted the records and Justice Department. “This is the right thing to do in this case,” she said, before later adding: “I can’t talk about this because the Justice Department is reviewing it…I’m limited in what I can say “I think you should contact White House counsel.”

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In response, O’Keefe proposed a simple solution: Why not have the lawyers come to the briefing room and answer questions themselves?

Jean-Pierre responded with earlier written statements from the lawyers, though O’Keefe hit back by suggesting that this demonstrates a lack of public transparency from the White House.

“There has been no limit to transparency – I disagree with that,” Jean-Pierre replied, offering reporters several times that “there is a process” about how these investigations take place. What that process didn’t include — at least at Thursday’s briefing — was provide a reason why the document discovery wasn’t revealed sooner.

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The meeting between O’Keefe and Jean-Pierre on Thursday marked the second tense back-and-forth between reporters and Biden officials over the classified documents. Hours earlier, President Biden told TBEN News reporter Peter Doocy that the files found in his garage in Wilmington, Delaware were safe because they were locked in the same unit as his Corvette.