TBEN Special: Why did Jinping tell the Chinese military to be ready for war and how it concerns America more than India?


On the one hand, the whole world continues to feel the ripples of the war between Russia and Ukraine and countries are asking for peace, on the other hand, Chinese President Xi Jinping has asked his country’s military to remain ready for war.

Jinping has said China’s national security is facing increasing instability and has ordered the PLA to devote all its energies to increasing its capacity and maintaining combat readiness to fight and win wars while taking charge of the military. for a record third term of five years.

In his maiden speech to the two-million-strong army — the largest in the world — as he began his third term as head of the CMC, Xi said the world is undergoing more profound changes unseen in a century and emphasized that the China’s national security faces increasing instability and uncertainty, and its military duties remain arduous.

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Although President Xi did not name a specific country, it came amid growing global concerns over China’s aggressive military maneuvering in the resource-rich Indo-Pacific region. The armies of China and India are also mired in a protracted standoff in eastern Ladakh. China claims almost all of the disputed South China Sea, although Taiwan, the Philippines, Brunei, Malaysia, and Vietnam all claim parts of it.

China is angry with Taiwan over the visit of US House of Commons Speaker Nancy Pelosi and had also recently held a massive military exercise while besieging Taiwan.

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Notably, a day after Jinping’s speech, while attending the conference of military commanders, Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh instructed the Indian military to always be alert to respond effectively to any adverse situation.

No sooner had Jinping ordered the PLA to be ready for war than the Chinese armed forces began demonstrating their weapons. China unveiled its new hypersonic anti-ship missile and long-range strategic bomber at the air show in Zhuhai.

This hypersonic missile is said to be the Chinese version of the Russian Kinzhal hypersonic missile. According to reports, it can travel at a speed 12 times faster than sound.

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It is an anti-ship missile specially designed to destroy aircraft carriers and can be launched from warships and H-6 bombers.

At the moment, America does not have such an air defense system that can handle Chinese hypersonic missiles. So if China targets an American aircraft carrier with this missile, it will be difficult to escape.

China’s recent actions are a concern for the United States, given that it has operated the maximum number of aircraft carriers – 11 – stationed in different parts of the country.