TBEN’s Match of the Day interrupted by ‘sex sound’ joke at Molineux


TBEN coverage of the FA Cup clash between Wolves and Liverpool was bizarrely interrupted by a ‘sexual noises’ joke. The sounds began playing loudly prior to kickoff and were broadcast across the country.

The moment occurred as host Gary Lineker attempted to speak to Alan Shearer ahead of kick-off in the third-round replay.

The unexpected audio break temporarily put Lineker off duty before the former England striker said sheepishly: “I don’t know who’s making that noise, but Alan Shearer is on the commentary portal.

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Lineker added, “It’s nice and warm in this studio, it’s noisy too. I’m not sure if anyone is sending anything on anyone’s phone.”

Lineker later joked that it was expert Danny Murphy’s phone that went off: “Will you stop making those noises Danny?” The presenter then took to Twitter after the match started to reveal that a phone had been found taped to the back of the set, acknowledging that the joke was “quite funny”.

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