Tea, honey, fruit imports halted: know how China is ‘punishing’ Taiwan over US speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit


United States President Nancy Pelosi decided to visit Taiwan to represent her country’s stance on the conflict with China, prompting the neighboring country to respond in an apparently hostile manner by warning its military and sending armored planes to Taiwan’s airspace.

China was outraged by Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan and decided to send as many as 21 planes into Taiwanese airspace just as the US speaker landed, at least 16 of which were military planes. Army contingents were also deployed near the borders in a show of strength and intimidation.

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Now China has also issued several harsh orders on import and export standards with Taiwan, suspending and halting the transportation of several essential goods as a possible punishment for the Taiwanese government for Pelosi’s visit.

According to TBEN, Beijing has issued new orders for fruit and fish imports from Taiwan, while sand shipments to the island have been halted on the same day US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited the self-governed country to show her support. .

US President Nancy Pelosi, second in line to the presidency and the most prominent elected US official to visit Taiwan in 25 years, sparked conflict between the two nations with her visit to Taiwan, urging Chinese authorities deploying military personnel near the borders.

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Chinese customs have said imports of some citrus fruits and fisheries from Taiwan will be suspended due to “repeated pesticide detection” and positive Covid-19 detection on the packages shipped by the island nation.

Furthermore, China has also decided to stop the export of natural sand to Taiwan from Wednesday, without giving reasons or details. The import suspensions from Taiwan include various daily products such as fruit, tea and honey.

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Taiwan opposes the One-China policy and has decided to recognize itself as a self-ruled nation, despite its neighboring country claiming it is part of China. Now Pelosi’s visit and support to Taiwan has set off a storm in China, threatening their stance on the conflict.

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