Team Putin threatens maniacal response to bitter war losses


The humiliating defeats of the Russian armed forces in Ukraine prompted the Kremlin’s mouthpiece to propose increasingly violent tactics. Lobbying for a “scorched earth” policy on state television, Russian pundits and knowledgeable guests have openly compared the Ukrainian battlefield to Chechnya, Syria, and even the infamous school massacre in Beslan, where Russian special forces killed many hostages along with their terrorist captors. .

To be seen in the state television broadcast of Wednesday 60 minutes, said military expert Igor Korotchenko: “This is a new reality, therefore we must act quickly, hard and uncompromisingly. First of all, we must ramp up our attacks on critical infrastructure in such a way that one region after another, district after district, Ukraine is plunged into darkness… By December, 20 million inhabitants of Ukraine will have to move to the West, to the European Union. This is our goal and the task we must accomplish.”

Korotchenko suggested: “Perhaps we should declare openly, ‘Leave. Zelensky turns this area into a real hell. Nobody knows what will happen next. Twenty million, go to Europe.’ Then we sink region after region into darkness. This is our hostile nation, the modern Third Reich, and we must act accordingly.”

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Similar proposals have circulated on the Russian airwaves, with experts arguing that the civilized world’s rules banning war crimes are mere recommendations, compliance with which is optional. On Monday, appears on The evening with Vladimir SolovyovAndrey Sidorov, deputy dean of world politics at Moscow State University, explained why those international conventions are irrelevant: “The rules of war, according to international conventions, are of an advisory nature: not to strike. [certain objects], if that is possible. But that is no longer possible.”

Appearing in the show The meeting place on Monday, Bogdan Bezpalko, member of the Council for Interethnic Relations under the President of the Russian Federation, argued: “What must be done, as I said before, we must hit the infrastructure – which cannot be separated into military and civilian. If very Ukraine is plunged into cold and darkness, if they have no fuel, reserve armies will not help them and no one will be able to supply equipment or ammunition… These attacks could be two, three, five or six months in a row, with not a single gas station intact stayed.”

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Konstantin Zatulin, deputy chairman of the State Duma Committee for the CIS, said on: 60 minutes: “This military operation – or this war – is entering another phase… The idea that we could win a victory with little blood or a massive strike is now a thing of the past… Last week there was a widespread message – everywhere , except our television – that this is not a time to celebrate, as we experience difficulties and failures at the front, as we retreat… We think about what they will do. We must overcome that… because the victory is our only option.”

Host Olga Skabeeva warned: “Do not frighten our people prematurely, because I understand you are talking about the possibility of mobilization.” Even the most gung-ho propagandists admit that Russian society would be deeply confused at the thought of total military mobilization, and that the country’s economy is not currently equipped for such a move. The only alternative proposed by the talking heads of state television is to inflict utter devastation on Ukraine.

Professor Alexei Fenenko, a leading researcher at the Institute of International Security Studies, tried to blame the United States for Russia’s increasing brutality. As images of the destroyed city of Mosul played on the screen, Fenenko claimed: “After February 24, they were waiting for us to do this with key cities in Ukraine. They would have said, “Yeah, those guys are strong.” Without a trace of self-consciousness, Skabeeva noticed that the bodies of the dead had been left in the streets of Mosul to perish in plain sight. Fenenko noted that this gesture was intended as a message to other enemies.

Neither Skabeeva nor Fenenko reported on the horrific scenes in Ukraine that have unfolded in recent months, when retreating Russian troops left several corpses of Ukrainian civilians on the streets of Bucha, and massacred dozens of civilians in other towns and villages.

Fenenko argued that in order to be respected by the United States, Russia must reduce much of Ukraine to rubble. He said America only respects those who can inflict devastating damage on their opponents: “Either you can do this to your enemies, or you’re a nobody. If you can’t, you’re a coward and a loser.”


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