Ted Lieu: impeachment official and reservist tweeted about Trump


WASHINGTON – During the long hours of chaos of January 6, as a violent pro-Trump mob took control of the Capitol, Representative Ted Lieu, who was taking refuge inside the building, began writing an impeachment article against President Trump.

“Insurgents incited by Mr. Trump attacked our nation’s Capitol to prevent Congress from accepting the Electoral College results,” he later told The New York Times.

Mr. Lieu sponsored the article of impeachment with Reps David Cicilline of Rhode Island and Jamie Raskin of Maryland, two fellow Democrats. President Nancy Pelosi of California then selected him to serve as impeachment official in the second impeachment case against Mr. Trump.

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First elected to Congress in 2014 to represent the wealthy suburbs west of Los Angeles, Mr. Lieu has become known for his harsh criticism of Mr. Trump on his personal twitter account, which made him popular among Democrats online. His tweets regularly accumulate thousands of interactions.

“We must remove Trump”, M. Lieu wrote hours after the Capitol attack. He added that failing to do so would mean Congress has “let our country down.”

Mr. Lieu was 3 years old when his family immigrated to the United States from Taiwan, where he was born. He described his family as the target of racism as he grew up in a largely white community in Cleveland. But Lieu cites the perseverance of his parents, who did not speak English and struggled to make ends meet when they arrived in the United States, as inspiration. His parents eventually became the owners of a line of gift shops, where Mr. Lieu and his brother would work.

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In Congress, Mr. Lieu sits on the House Judiciary and Foreign Affairs committees.

He studied computer science and political science at Stanford University and went on to earn a law degree from Georgetown University and was editor of its legal journal. He joined the Air Force as part of the Judge Advocate General Corps, which oversees the administration of justice and ethics. Mr. Lieu is still a member of the Air Force Reserve.

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He previously served as an Environmental Quality Commissioner and a member of the Torrance, California City Council before being elected to the California State Assembly in 2005 and the State Senate in 2011.


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