‘Tell Shraddha to call me…’: How Aaftab Poonawala tricked her friend’s girlfriend on Instagram


Aaftab Poonawala went to great lengths to conceal that he allegedly killed his live-in partner Shraddha Walkar. To trick Walkar’s friends who wanted her to know where she was, Poonawala texted a mutual friend and asked him to tell Shraddha to call him. When he texted the man on Instagram in September, Shraddha had been dead for months.

Poonawala pinged the man on the social media website in September.

“Bro What’s up Where ul leg need to talk to ul Tell shraddha to call me,” Poonawala asked Shraddha Walkar and his friend.

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Poonawala then asked the man to call him. They spoke on the phone for 17 minutes and 33 seconds.

He reportedly told the man that Shraddha had left him and gone incommunicado.

The mutual friend has given these details to the Mumbai Police.

Delhi police sources called Poonawala very sharply. They said he has been trying to mislead the police since his arrest. Despite relentless interrogations, police have not recovered the woman’s head.

He told police he burned the woman’s head to hide her identity. He used makeup on the head before throwing it away.

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He told a Delhi court yesterday that he killed the woman in a fit of rage and that it was unplanned. He also told the court that he cooperated with police but could not remember where he dumped the pieces.

It is revealed that Shraddha had spoken to a friend of hers on Instagram just hours before her death. She had pinged him that she had news to report. The man called the woman two hours later, but received no answer.

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Poonawala and Shraddha met in 2019 through a dating application.

They moved to Delhi because their families objected to their relationship.

Aaftab Poonawala brought another girlfriend to the flat where he killed Walkar. Parts of the body were still in the bridge at the time. He masked the smell with room freshener.

He also worked in a call center in Gurugram. He was later fired for bad behavior with women.