Terrorism violates the most fundamental human right – “ Right to life ”: S Jaishankar at the CDH


Indian External Affairs Minister Dr S Jaishankar has highlighted how terrorism is a “crime against humanity” at the United Nations Human Rights Council, calling for a “clear awareness” at the within the body that “terrorism can never be justified”.

Speaking at the body’s high-level segment, EAM said: “Terrorism continues to be one of the most serious threats to humanity. It is a crime against humanity and violates the most fundamental human right – namely the “right to life”.

He explained: “As a long-time victim, India has been at the forefront of global action against terrorism. This is only possible when it is clearly established, including in human rights bodies, that terrorism can never be justified, nor its perpetrators have ever assimilated its victims. “

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India presented an eight-point agenda to the United Nations Security Council last month that calls for combating terrorism. The plan includes proposals such as preventing terrorists from accessing financial resources by strengthening the FATF, objectively listing terrorists, etc.

The comments come even as in the past there have been numerous clashes between the Indian government and the UNHRC even though the latter has been seen silent on the issue of cross-border terrorism. The head of the Geneva-based organization criticized New Delhi over Kashmir’s citizenship amendment law, but sidestepped the issue of Pakistan’s terror.

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During its statement, EAM also highlighted India’s awareness of the COVID vaccine by sending vaccines to many countries in the form of freebies and trade deals.

He said: “From Bangladesh to Brazil and Morocco to Fiji, the world’s pharmacy today supplies millions of doses of vaccine to more than 70 countries.”

Last year, amid the pandemic, India sent essential drugs and supplies to more than 150 countries. He stressed that India’s “ constant commitment to the promotion and protection ” of “ basic human rights ” has manifested itself in our strategy “ to combat the COVID pandemic- 19, providing direct food support to 800 million Indians and financial support to 400 million.

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