Tesla brings new roadster prototype to Petersen Automobile Museum


Tesla had previously shown the Cybertruck at the legendary Petersen Museum in Los Angels

Tesla Roadster is now set to arrive in 2022, but it's not officially confirmed
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Tesla Roadster is now set to arrive in 2022, but it’s not officially confirmed

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Tesla has been promoting the new Roadster for a few years now. It was repeatedly pushed back for more traditional vehicles such as the Model Y and the Cybertruck. As of now, after missing its 2020 deadline, the Roadster is expected to arrive in 2022, but that hasn’t stopped the world’s most valuable automaker from unveiling a new prototype of the hypercar at the legendary Petersen Automotive Museum. from Los Angeles. The Roadster prototype often does not come out. The last time he was seen at the Tesla Battery Day event in September. Over the years it has been touted as one of the fastest cars in the world, but its specifications have been spoofed by many EVs that have come over time because it has yet to be marketed.

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A Roadster prototype was also sent into space via a SpaceX rocket

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“The Tesla Roadster is coming to the Petersen Automotive Museum for two weeks! Be one of the first to see the new Roadster alongside the original vehicle for this limited exhibition. We will be open seven days a week, with viewing opportunities afterwards. hours a more intimate experience, “the Petersen Museum announced. It will be there for two cool weeks from May 19 to June 2.

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It comes after Tesla last year presented the Cybertruck to the museum during the pandemic to help with the reopening process. Tesla is not only showing the Roadster to the general public, but it is presenting a new candidate version, which means that the car has been updated from the original which was unveiled in 2017 when the Model 3 was launched.

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The Roaster is the spiritual successor to the original Roadster, the first car made by Tesla that helped popularize the concept of an electric sports car.

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