Tesla Full Self-Driving (FSD) 10.0.1 Sees Small Improvements, But Bad Drivers Will Be ‘Kicked Off’, Says Musk


Tesla Full Self-Driving V10.0.1 sees minor improvements but can be unpredictable. And be warned: bad beta drivers will get booted.

For starters, CEO Elon Musk tweeted last week that 10.1 will arrive a week from Friday “with a beta request button.”

Musk also warned that dangerous drivers are a thing of the past.

This is clearly because FSD beta riders can deal with more than a few touch-and-go situations, leaving no room for reckless driving.

FSD beta drivers are duly warned that “he can do the wrong thing at the worst time, so you should always keep your hands on the wheel and pay close attention to the road”.

Watching the 10.0.1 videos below is good advice.

The beta driver from the first video (below) took 10.0.1 for a test drive on September 17th and saw “small improvements”. There were more than a few hiccups too.

It should be noted that the routes taken by the beta pilot are quite difficult, as the “About” page says: “Newport is a colonial town in New England with many narrow streets and difficult intersections that are atypical. I try to find the tough situations to really challenge FSD Beta.

Some of the highlights:

  • Has issues with the one-way street. (0:54)
  • “Chicken game” worked with 3 cars at the stop sign … “it was perfect.” (1:20)
  • “The dotted line problem seems to have been solved … did not cross the dotted line.” (2:26)
  • Not aggressive enough: the car “flashes its headlights to let me in… it’s a pretty tough situation I think for the beta right now. A human driver would certainly be more aggressive. (6:26)
  • Rolls on the sidewalk: “Yesterday I pulled out over there because I felt it was too close to that sidewalk. But this time, after letting the beta of FSD take over, she rolled onto the sidewalk. (7:36)
  • Let two pedestrians cross: “The car waits a little too long for this guy but was very polite with these two guys walking in the middle of the road.” (12:48)
  • Dicey: walks towards the stopped car (14:10)

Another beta driver shared some information about a drive from September 17:

  • After a few “crawls”, successfully negotiates the intersection: At the beginning, not far enough to see to the left. Then he starts to crawl. “It’s being careful … just kind of nudging yourself … Good.” Thumbs up. It was good. “(3:50)
  • Handles glare well: “This is a great example of 100% sunlight and how these cameras are able to filter light in order to see properly. (8:25)
  • Light a red light. (10:18)
  • Success with a pedestrian. (16:17)
  • Does not see the car at an “angle other than 90 degrees”. (18:44)
  • Blurry, shaky lines (navigation screen) don’t end where they supposed to. (20:04)

(See the 10.0.1 release notes which cover enhancements to the cab visualization and camera.)


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