The 37-year-old man previously charged with the murder of Felicia Teo is expected to plead guilty to disposing of her corpse in Punggol


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The Singaporean man previously charged with the murder of Teo Wei Ling Felicia is expected to plead guilty to dumping her body.

Four loads

Ahmad Danial Mohamed Rafa’ee, 37, is expected to plead guilty to a total of four charges on October 14.

The costs are:

  • unlawfully depositing Teo’s corpse in a public place;
  • dishonestly appropriate Teo’s assets;
  • giving false evidence to two police officers;
  • and make up false evidence


Ahmad is accused of committing these crimes with a male Indonesian citizen, Ragil Putra Setia Sukmarahjana.

According to court documents seen by mothershipthe couple is said to have deposited her corpse around Punggol Track 24 on or about June 30, 2007.

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They also failed to report information about Teo’s death to the police.

At the time, the two men are said to have embezzled some of her belongings, such as her cell phone, Apple Macbook Pro and camera.

They allegedly fabricated evidence by placing Teo’s phone in East Coast Park to support their false information that she had gone there.

Ahmad and Ragil also called Teo’s phone and left voicemails and sent her messages on social media on or about June 30, 2007.

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This was to create the false impression that they believed she was still alive, even though they knew she was dead.

On July 11 and 25, 2007, the two men allegedly gave false information to two police officers from the Tanglin Police Division.

Court documents did not reveal how Teo died or who was responsible for her death.

Ragil still at large

The pair were charged with the murder of Teo on December 17, 2020, but authorities are still looking for Ragil, who has yet to be charged in Singapore courts.

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As a result, Ahmad was fired on June 27, 2022, which did not amount to acquittal on the murder charge.

With reference to previous court proceedings, ST reported that there is no evidence that Ragil is dead.

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