The “Best Restaurant in the World,” Noma, will close in 2024


Noma, the three-Michelin-starred and permanently awarded ‘best restaurant in the world’, has announced that it will close its doors in 2024.

The Copenhagen institute, run by chef René Redzepi, will instead become “a full-time nutrition lab”.

As such, the team will spend most of their time developing new dishes and products for Noma Projects (the company’s e-commerce arm), with the dining rooms only opening for rare pop-ups.

Redzepi’s future role will be chief creative officer rather than chef.

As first reported by the New York Timesthe restaurant – which pioneered the idea of ​​New Nordic dining (locavore, hyper-seasonal, acidic dishes) – simply does not have a model that will survive the changing food industry.

“It just doesn’t work financially and emotionally, as an employer and as a person,” says Redzepi.

Since the restaurant opened in 2003, it has been named the “best restaurant in the world” a total of five times and has only earned its third Michelin star in the fall of 2021.

It will remain open for the remainder of 2023 before the restaurant closure and business shifts are implemented in 2024.