The Big Bang Theory turns 15: the 20 best episodes to stream on HBO Max


In honor of The Big Bang TheoryIn celebration of TVLine’s 15th anniversary, TVLine returns this week to network television’s longest-running sitcom, starting with its top 20 episodes.

Trust us when we say that putting together the following list was no easy task. After all, there were no fewer than 279 (!) installments to choose from. That means the following picks represent less than eight percent of all episodes aired — so be prepared to have some of your favorites excluded.

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We should also note that the following episodes are not ranked; the half-hours we’ve picked are listed in the original broadcast order — and they’re all available to stream on HBO Max.

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As you will see, the following list is different for each type of episode. What you’ll find is an eclectic group focused on several fan-favorite combinations, including Leonard and Penny, Sheldon and Amy, and Penny and Sheldon. There’s also a wedding, a trip to the emergency room, a Nobel Prize acceptance speech, and an unforgettable holiday gift exchange.

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Keep scrolling to see which episodes made the cut, then click on the comments and tell us if you agree (or disagree) with our choices.

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