The ‘Bitcoin Valley’ Opens in the Honduran City of Santa Lucia


Honduras’ ‘Bitcoin Valley’ joins other bitcoin projects in Central America – El Salvador’s ‘Bitcoin Beach’ Guatemala’s ‘Bitcoin Lake’ and ‘Bitcoin Jungle’ in Puntarenas, Costa Rica.

Honduras has opened its own bitcoin city in Santa Lucia, a tourist town about 20 minutes from the capital, Tegucigalpa.

People now have access to goods and services that they can easily afford anywhere in the ‘Bitcoin Valley’. Reuters reported on Friday.

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The project is an initiative of Blockchain Honduras, Coincaex (a Guatemalan crypto exchange), the Technological University of Honduras and the local municipality of Santa Lucia.

Being open to crypto tourism

The launch of ‘Bitcoin Valley’ comes amid increased tourist use of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and its creation seeks to promote the Santa Lucia economy through crypto tourism and by encouraging local businesses to make payments for digital assets. to accept.

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The original plan, according to the report, is to have 60 local businesses adopt the use of crypto — with the training then extended to other businesses.

These companies need not worry about the fabric of crypto volatility as traders will not receive the cryptocurrencies. Instead, the crypto exchange Coincaex will process payments for merchants within the “bitcoin city,” giving businesses instant access to what customers pay through the local currency.

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The launch of “Bitcoin Valley” joins other three major crypto projects in the Central American region that seek to drive adoption among the general public in specific cities or regions.

There is ‘Bitcoin Beach’ of El Salvador in El Zonte, ‘Bitcoin Lake’ in Guatemala and ‘Bitcoin Jungle’ in Puntarenas, Costa Rica.


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