The Block 2020 final: Sarah and George pocket $ 650,002 at auction


The Block 2020 finale: Sarah and George say ‘it’s crazy’ as they pocket incredible $ 650,002 profit at auction

Emotions were at an all time high during Sunday night’s final episode of The Block.

Sarah and George were understandably ecstatic when they pocketed an incredible $ 650,000 at auction, with a bid of $ 4,000,000, from their reserve of $ 3,350,000.

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Wiping tears of joy from her face, Sarah remarked on camera that “this is crazy”.

Block 2020 Finals: Sarah and George (both pictured) said ‘this is crazy’ as they bagged an incredible $ 650,002 profit at auction on Sunday’s episode

George revealed to Scott Cam’s hosts that they are now able to pay off their mortgage.

“ Dude, we came on this show for the purpose of paying for our house, mate. No more no less. We did it.

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Meanwhile, Jimmy and Tam “ broke a record ” for the hit show pocketing nearly a million dollars in profit after their house came under hammer.

The couple were the second to auction their home, with a bitter bidding war that saw the home sell for $ 4,256,000.

“Mom and dad just made a lot of money,” Tam told their daughter after the auction. While Jimmy said, “Do you want a pony?

The couple made a whopping profit of $ 966,000 from the sale.

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Even Scott Cam was surprised by the result, with him clearly happy for the couple: “Come here, buddy. Holy shit, $ 966,000. Simply incredible.

The solid result followed Luke and Jasmine, who made over $ 500,000 in profit. Their house sold for $ 3,856,000.

They were thrilled to see their mortgage paid off after the tender reached over $ 440,000 in profit for them.




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