The #BoycottGenshin Anti-Genshin impact campaign is everywhere


When a new character debuts in Genshin Impact, you expect to see their name evolve around the world. And yet, yesterday something else was all the rage, a #BoycottGenshin hashtag with, and I hate to use that word, a number of fans trying to “cancel” the game for various grievances, a wide range of colorism accusations to… a lack of two-factor authentication.

I tried to compile the points in a list to see if miHoYo really got lost here. And while there are legitimate things to discuss, on the whole a lot of these points seem to deliberately read bad intention into something that doesn’t exist, and I’ve actually seen this lurch too far down the line. he other sense that the anti-Chinese attacks have occurred against the Chinese developer.

So what are the charges?

Hilichurls are based on indigenous peoples – Perhaps the most legitimate complaint on the list, given that at one point miHoYo showed an indigenous dance as a reference for the small build that the Hilichurls make. While it is clear that the most obvious inspiration for the Hilichurls was the Bokoblins of Zelda, it glosses over a long-standing issue of “sub-human” races in fantasy media, from Orcs to Goblins, representing different racial groups, or at least not being aware of it. enough of the potential subtext. So yes, it’s an issue worth digging into, but miHoYo is the latest in an endless line of fantasy creators to use the trope.

Kaeya and Xinyan seem colorists – It’s a little weird. These two characters have a few darker undertones than the other characters in the game, and it is claimed that they are described as “alien” and “scary” respectively. In this case, it seems pretty clear that Xinyan’s descriptor is referring to his spiked rocker appearance and aggressive demeanor, not his skin color. In Kaeya’s case, he is “exotic” because he comes from a far away country, not Mondstadt. There’s a joke that the skin under his eye patch is more tan than the rest of him because he’s always on an expedition, but that’s… a tanning joke? Again, it seems to be really hard to read the wrong intention in something that doesn’t exist. Although I agree with the general feeling that Genshin could use darker skinned characters.

Some NPCs appear to be pedophiles – Another strange side here. There is a character who is obsessed with young Barbara, but not because she is a young girl, but because she is an extremely famous pop star, so “pedophilia” seems to be a step up from that. Another character says he wants to profess his love to Flora, and while yes, Flora is currently a young girl who runs a flower shop, that character model was an adult female (see above), Miss Flora. MiHoYo would have to change that line to be sure at this point to avoid confusion, but it was less scary when it was first concocted.

Genshin is greedy and also needs 2FA – We are now moving from social complaints to real game mechanics. The charge is that Genshin Impact is greedy and exploits consumers with its gacha draw model adjacent to the game. Yes it does, but the same is true for all other games in this genre, and it is. a larger fight which is not specific to Genshin. And Genshin offers a lot more for free than most other gacha space games. And in the same breath, these consumers also bemoan the fact that the game still lacks two-factor authentication for accounts, which means that in the event of a hack, you could lose hundreds or thousands of dollars. ‘virtual purchases. I agree! He needs it! But am I quite okay with tweeting #BoycottGenshin because of this? Probably not.

So it’s… pretty everywhere. For each issue raised, there may be glimmers of something that might require additional attention and consideration from miHoYo, but saying “MiHoYo is a colorist” due to deliberate misunderstandings of the description of two characters. “or” MiHoYo encourages pedophilia “due to not updating an NPC’s line appears to be a litter. I asked MiHoYo if they had a comment on this campaign or any of these specific issues, and I will update it if I hear back.

We’ll see if this movement intensifies or subsides over time, but for now it looks like Rosaria and Childe are all the rage instead of #BoycottGenshin, so maybe we already have our answer.

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