The changes that come with being the new Prince and Princess of Wales


There was no environmental awareness or conservation, the issues the king and his eldest son care about most, which was just one of the many subtle changes that came with their role changes.

The then Duke and Duchess of Cambridge had already committed to helping disadvantaged communities after Covid struck, a decision made and constantly reviewed in regular father-son briefings.

Royal sources pointed to the couple’s visit to Blackpool in 2019 as an example for their future work.

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“On that occasion, they went to take a first-hand look at the crisis in Blackpool over the quality of housing for many of its residents,” said a source. “They were able to bring people together to look for solutions, and then they privately tracked the progress to see what progress was being made.”

Unlike meetings called by politicians, who may only do their jobs fleetingly, members of the royal family can do “homework” for community groups, business people and councils who will feel extra pressure to make progress.

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Because the Royal Family is non-partisan and won’t be replaced by anyone else, any task force they convene will know to come up with results – or face the shame of explaining to the King or Prince of Wales why. nothing has been done.