The Crown Season 4 actors and characters: from Emma Corrin to Gillian Anderson


Unlike last season, the fourth season of The Crown sees the main cast retained. However, a pair of prominent new female characters turned things upside down.

Princess Diana (Emma Corrin)

Newcomer Emma Corrin steals the show in season four, just as her character Diana Spencer, unwittingly or not, has eclipsed the royal family for most of the time she spans: 1977-1990. During a fictitious first meeting, she catches Charles’s attention as he was dating his older sister; we then follow their dating, including a weekend at Balmoral (“this will go down in history as one of Balmoral’s great beginnings”) and his struggles with loneliness and bulimia before marriage. In the second half of the season, she becomes his confident public figure, as her marriage begins to fall apart.

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Margaret Thatcher (Gillian Anderson)