The Detroit church helps families connect online


(TBEN DETROIT) – A church in Detroit is getting a neighborhood on the east side connected by community and technology.

Church of the Messiah is working to get Islandview residents online.

The Equitable Internet Initiative is working with community hubs to get fast signals to low-income homes.

Wallace Gilbert is the assistant pastor and project manager of the initiative at the church.

“Our boundaries for the Equitable Internet Initiative run from Chene to Alter Rd to I-94 and we are in talks with the Belle Isle Conservancy to throw our wireless internet on the island,” Gilbert said.

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According to The Detroit Community Technology Project, 38% of Detroit homes do not have internet access and 70% of school-aged children do not have access at home.

Pastor Wallace says the program isn’t just connecting families online.

It also bridges the gap between youth and seniors.

“The young people teach the senior tech and the seniors teach the young people life skills and soft skills,” said Gilbert.

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“How to behave, how to enter someone’s house. How to be respectful so that the outcome is greater than I could initially imagine. And that’s why it’s so important for us to keep expanding this network.”

Church of the Messiah is raising money for the Equitable Internet Initiative through November 30.

If you want to help families get free high-speed internet, click here.

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