‘The EFF is here to stay’ – Julius Malema tells supporters during anniversary celebration | TBEN


EFF leader Julius Malema has expressed disappointment at the lack of service in Mangaung. (Bertram Malgas, TBEN)

  • The EFF celebrated its ninth birthday in the Free State on Saturday.
  • The mood in the Dr. Petrus Molemela Stadium was festive as supporters in EFF uniforms painted the stadium red.
  • Leader Julius Malema told supporters the EFF was “here to stay and would be the solution to many of the problems common people face.”

As the Red Berets celebrated their ninth birthday on Saturday at the Dr. Petrus Molemela Stadium in Mangaung, Free State, EFF leader Julius Malema told his supporters the party was here to stay.

“When we came to Mangaung, we knew we were going to come back home because this is the home of the EFF. And we knew we were going to pack this stadium,” said Malema.

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He expressed disappointment at the lack of services and emphasized the residents’ struggle with sewage problems.

“It is a pity that Mangaung, as the historical site of the EFF, does not have a municipality. This municipality is now called the ‘sewer municipality’ because wherever you go, you have to deal with sewerage problems. The municipality has fallen,” says Malema.

Malema explained his plans for how it would address some of South Africa’s most pressing problems.

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He said people in Mangaung had expressed their plight, but nothing had been done.

In light of this, Malema assured supporters that his party would be “the solution to the many problems facing people in South Africa.”

He said:

There was a party atmosphere in the stadium as supporters danced and sang battle songs in a sea of ​​red EFF overalls and T-shirts.

Malema expressed his gratitude to the supporters who had ensured the survival of the party.

“Many have said how EFF would die, and it would never be a year. The doomsayers said it would vanish into thin air. They didn’t know we are permanent residents of South Africa and Africa, and we’re not going anywhere.”

He also said that giving up was not an option and that they were not fighting against the ANC, but for the realization of socialism, “not just in South Africa, but all over Africa”.