The Godfather has no good things to say about Hulk Hogan


Former WWE star The Godfather appeared on the Midnight Hustle podcast this week to talk about life after wrestling. He also spoke about the call for his WWE Hall of Fame induction, the partying during the Attitude Age, how he had weed in every town during his days at WWE, what Vince McMahon thinks about marijuana, about the birth of the gadget Papa Shango, about drinking alcohol. featuring Curt Hennig, being an outlaw biker, working in strip clubs, performing country music, backstage fighting, fighting The Undertaker at the hotel and more.

Here are some highlights:

If he was shocked to be inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame:

“Yeah, I thought because of the pimp that would hold me back, but I mean if you look at the whole work, people still talk about me and the warrior. I was part of building The Rock to have it. either what he is in the Nation of Domination… I was going to the gym and Mark Carrano, who is no longer there Mark Carrano called me and he said ‘Hey Bear, are you ready for WrestleMania? ‘ I’m like ‘yeah man I’m ready.’ He’s fine, who do you bring? You bring your wife, your kids, what? What does it matter what I bring? He says ‘fine, we want to know.’ I say ‘why do you want to know?’ He says “because Vince is putting you in the Hall of Fame this year.”… I say, ‘cool, I never thought a pimp could get in there.’ ”

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He believes Sid and Hogan’s departure after WrestleMania 8 hampered Papa Shango’s character. He also explained why he was late for his clash at the end of the Sid-Hogan match:

“Oh yeah, I was cast into wolves especially with Sid. Sid was supposed to work for Warrior and he quit, this and that. They didn’t have anyone else with heat on them, so I kind of threw myself at the dogs, but it’s business and I’m a businessman. It’s like that. Regarding the delay, they just sent me late. I didn’t even know I was late. I just knew they just sent me and that I was supposed to go. Like I said, I was going through a bad divorce at the time, so Hogan, Warrior, Sid, none of that meant anything to me. Nothing. I didn’t care about Hogan. Hogan wasn’t a friend of mine, he still isn’t. Hogan is Hogan. He’s not the good guy people think he is, I’m going to let it go.

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On the best backstage fight he’s seen:

I haven’t seen a lot of brother fights. I saw D’Lo Brown hang Ahmed Johnson where he had hung him where me and Ron Simmons were saying to D’Lo ‘leave him, leave him’ but there wasn’t a lot of fighting in the back , not when I was there. I can’t think of a fight other than breaking up this D’Lo Brown fight.

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He also talked about how WCW saved money by hiring Virgil in his place, how marijuana saved his life after being addicted to pills in the early 90s, BSK and DX coexisting in the locker room, Yokozuna rapping and playing basketball, and more.

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