The in-laws who feed the Uhuru-Ruto divisions


Renowned author Albert Einstein once said that in life you have to learn the rules of the game and play better than anyone else. This appears to be the guiding advice of some of the strategists at the center of the 2022 succession policy.

The race for succession has created a deep divide between President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto, but many strategists playing on the opposite sides of these sharp divisions are in fact parents.

One of Uhuru’s closest advisers is outspoken political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi, who has become a critical member of the president’s think tank in the ongoing political maneuvers.

Ngunyi is a brother-in-law of former energy cabinet secretary David Chirchir – who is a key strategist in the Ruto camp.

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President Uhuru Kenyatta (left) with his deputy William Ruto (right) at a church ceremony in Nairobi.


Ngunyi and Chirchir are married to the daughters of Ambassador Ernest Cheruiyot Lang’at, who recently passed away at the age of 88.

“We don’t know who will become president in 2022. All I know is that it won’t be William Ruto. End of discussion!” Ngunyi said in a previous interview.

On the other hand, Chirchir is at the heart of the DP’s plans and strategy to secure the top seat by 2022. The former CS is expected to lead a team that will develop the manifesto and technical aspects of Ruto’s campaigns.

One of the champions leading the anti-dynasty campaign is renowned economist and political strategist David Ndii, who is also said to be part of Ruto’s think tank.

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Ndii is the brother-in-law of Jubilee vice president David Murathe – a Uhuru camp insider and a thorn in the flesh of Ruto’s team.

Ndii is married to Mwende Gatabaki- the daughter of the main chief Gatabaki of Thakwa. Mwende’s brother, Njehu Gatabaki, is married to Murathe’s sister, Rachel.

Not all in-laws are on opposing sides, as is the case with Murathe and Deputy Chief of Staff Njee Muturi – also a longtime insider in the circle of political and private friends. Uhuru. Njee is married to Murathe’s niece, Natasha.

President Uhuru and Senator Siaya James Orengo appear to be on the same team when it comes to succession policy and unknown to many – the two are linked by marriage.

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Orengo’s cousin, the late George Owino, was married to Uhuru’s older sister, Jeni Wambui.

The senator revealed his ties to the head of state during the stormy politics of 2017 as they both played on different political teams.

“My closest relative would be Uhuru Kenyatta because his sister was married in Ugenya to a cousin of mine known as Dr George Owino who was a dentist,” Orengo, after a judge married to his relative, was charged favoritism.

An image of Ruto and Orengo

Vice President William Ruto (left) and Senator Siaya James Orengo (right) shaking hands at a past event.

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