The last film of the late S’porean actor Aloysius Pang in theaters from December 1, 2022


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The horror film “The Antique Shop” will be released in Singapore on December 1, 2022.

The Singapore-Thai co-production stars the late Singaporean actor Aloysius Pang.

Photo of the Shaw organization.

According to a Shaw Organization press release, this film will mark his final appearance.

Delay in filming

The film started production in 2018.

Pang had already shot part of the film in Thailand and planned to continue filming there after his military training in New Zealand and a drama in Singapore.

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However, he died on January 24, 2019, after sustaining shattered injuries while at his reservist.

Production on the film was delayed after his death and the pandemic.

In an Instagram post, NoonTalk Media boss Dasmond Koh said everyone from the NoonTalk family is waiting to see Pang on the big screen.

Transformed into a trilogy

The story has been turned into a trilogy and features fellow NoonTalk artists Xu Bin and Damien Teo.

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the first story, Surviveplays Indonesian actor Rio Dewanto as a man who was kidnapped by a rival gang and taken to an abandoned building, tied to a chair with a blood-curdling history.

half second is Pang’s last screen appearance in which he plays a man who can’t remember how he ended up in prison.

The final part of the trilogy is Happy Birthday, with South Korean singer-actor Bae Jin Young. In this chapter, long after everyone thought Song (played by Bae) had returned to Korea, three of his friends were invited to his birthday party where they were the only guests.

You can watch the trailer here.

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Top image of @aloypang and @dasmondkoh on Instagram.

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