The Memeification of Beyoncé’s ‘Renaissance’ Has Begun


In the Beyhive, memeing is an expression of worship. We know that the chances of us ever interacting directly with the object of our affection are slim – Beyoncé is so high on the pop culture food chain that she might as well be stardust – which is why we offer our humble gifts to the social media – ether instead of. There the queen might herself enjoy the warmth of their glow from a distance. At least within the gaping mouth of Twitter, we can discover others, the ones who share our loyalty and our tastes, our reverence and our newly distorted sleep schedules.

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In the wake of Beyoncé’s seventh studio album, RenaissanceDropping its 16-track dance party at 12 noon EST on July 29, the internet plunged headfirst into a late-night craze. Such vibe-fueled revelry soon turned into memeification, as only an artist like Beyoncé can inspire. In fact, the offer started earlier Renaissance even arrived — officially, anyway — after an album leak circulated by fans that caught Beyoncé “trying to sneak into the club early.” The woman has eyes everywhere!

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But once the album started streaming, any lingering embarrassment turned to delight. The burden of the week? To forget. misplaced. Swallowed into the bottomless pit of Beyoncé’s hype machine.

So completely the album dominated hearts and minds that every thought skipping a song—and thereby disrupting Beyoncé’s transitions—was considered blasphemous.

Well aware, some even questioned the nature of humanity. Or, well, Beyoncé’s humanity.

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No celebrity is perfect. Every favorite is problematic. Even Beyoncé makes mistakes. But at least she knew what America needed this fateful morning. And so we dance.

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