The metal Hi-Nu Gundam toy is great, but has one annoying flaw


One of the most anticipated Metal Build toy releases of the year took place in Japan yesterday morning and was that of the Metal Build Hi-Nu Gundam. While the toy itself is really great, it does have an annoying problem.

The Hi-Nu Gundam is originally from the novel by The children of Beltorchikawhat is an alternate narration of the movie Gundam: Char’s Counterattack also written by Yoshiyuki Tomino.

While the Nu Gundam in Char’s counterattack somewhat unfinished, the Hi-Nu Gundam is the fully completed version of the mobile suit.

When the Hi-Nu Gundam was first revealed in the pages of its host novel, the only real physical representations of the design were very expensive, rare and fragile garage kits. Over the years, the popularity of the design has since spawned a variety of toys, the latest being this Metal Build version.

Like other Metal Build releases, the Hi-Nu Gundam is filled to the brim with die cast, from the joints covering the extended articulation to other parts to help with balance. The detailing is also pristine throughout, with fine decals and a nuanced colorway.

The sculpture is a bit on the stylized front, but it’s pretty close to Yutaka Izubuchi’s original design.

All in all this is a great one gundam toys, if there wasn’t one maddening problem.

One of the iconic aspects of the Hi-Nu Gundam is the fin funnels arranged at the rear in a “wing” type configuration.

On previous toy versions, the fin funnels connected very easily to the binders on the back. However, this is not the case with this Metal Build toy.

The connectors for the fin funnels and binders are incredibly strong and you have to be very careful how they attach so you don’t break anything.

It took me a few hours to attach all six fin funnels and I was genuinely afraid that something would break with all the force I had to exert to “pop” them into place.

It’s such a strange mistake for Bandai Spirits to have made, especially on toys that are much loved by fans and in high demand.

It’s clearly still a great toy and if you’re a fan of the design you should pick one up, but the fin funnel setup is both annoying and a little scary.

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