The most difficult weeks of this crisis: we must now hold out again


Just before Christmas, she finally faltered: the much-cited light at the end of the tunnel. Vaccines against Covid-19 have been developed at a sensational speed; contrary to expectations, the first people in Switzerland were vaccinated with them in the old year. And secretly, at least, many imagined the start of the New Year to be a little more relaxed.

It was hope. In fact, the number of new corona boxes is tending to decrease. But the looming storm with the new highly contagious virus variants is forcing the Federal Council to act again. The restrictions on public life and the economy are arduous and drastic, but inevitable from an epidemiological point of view.

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Difficult weeks await Switzerland, perhaps the worst of this crisis. She has already asked a lot of us. And the longer it lasts, the more we aspire to end it – of course. Fair: including the doses that should be given by the end of this week, only 4% of adults can be vaccinated. It has little direct impact.

Again, it depends on each of them. “We have to keep a cool head,” said Federal President Guy Parmelin, the campaign’s completely new father. He’s right: restraint is needed again. But with the real prospect of a rapid recovery. The light is getting closer.

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