The most stylish finds in The New W Toronto


The Yorkville area of ​​Toronto, Canada, is often referred to as a “Glamourhood,” where the most luxurious shops and services are located on a stretch of Bloor Street that runs east to west of the city: think coveted courtiers like Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Prada, Dior and more.

Nestled at the start or end of this classy journey (depending on how your wallet perceives it) is where the W Toronto is located. It is one of the newest and more playful hotels to debut in the city. Opening in late summer 2022, the property will feature 254 rooms, including 30 suites and 2 Extreme Wow suites (which, as the name implies, are meant to take your pampering to the next level).

Taking a more eclectic and local approach to luxury, this sibling of the Marriott hotel is poised to capture the city’s zeitgeist in all its multifaceted glory. For instance, instead of a formal check-in, you’ll be greeted with a ‘Living Room’ that’s inflected with a bar stocked with a plethora of top-shelf libations (complete with a Moët & Chandon Champagne machine).

Music and art also take center stage with the debut of Canada’s first W Sound Suite – a private recording studio with vocal booth and mixing equipment prepared to showcase the talents of Hit List crooners, singers and rising stars. Meanwhile, on every floor and room you’ll find curated art and design that celebrates the hotel, the historic roots of the area, and the culture of people who enrich it – like Kirsten McCrea with her expansive Forms of Joyful Engagement mural found on the rooftop; The vibrant street art of Alan Ganev; and Michael Bandrup’s mesmerizing “Below the Surface” pieces that ooze with undulating valleys and swirling hues; and many others.

And that’s the tip of the proverbial iceberg; with a snappy step, these are the best classy and indulgent discoveries to take advantage of at the W Toronto:

Dynamic Design

All at once brutalist, bougie and rural – the interior mix of landscapes and art rugs reflects its rich heritage, including the area’s affinity for being a trendsetter, frolicking fashionistas, 1960s/1970s hippie Yorkville culture, star-studded movies and influential street art. There’s a lot of juxtaposed understated elegance with feelings of a wild child (meaning there’s a lot for the senses to absorb at first glance), but eventually the spaces find harmony and become streamlined via hotel interior designer Sid Lee’s vision. For example, white electric lighting is tempered with jewel-toned furnishings; and industrial architecture is softened with circular and communal living spaces, such as the hotel’s fireplace.

Luxury Accommodations

With music flowing through the corridors and spaces of the hotel – no doubt this spirit is also reflected in the rooms and suites – which are named after the property’s beloved sound philosophy: Wonderful/Spectacular/Fabulous Rooms (25m² with city and/or courtyard view), beautiful terrace (25 m² with living/sitting area), Studio Suite (45 m² with living/sitting area), Fantastic Suite (55 m² with separate living room) and Fortified Studio Suite (66 m² with separate living room) .ft . with living/sitting area, dining area).

Guests are greeted with sleek furnishings and enhanced with an overarching rockstar/theatrical aesthetic: think elements like stage-inspired pendant lighting, record-style tables; dressing room style vanity mirrors; and rich velvet curtains.

Finally, for the ultimate in amazing accolades, the property also offers Wow (1090 sq ft) and Extreme Wow (1765 sq ft) suites with spacious rooms, living/sitting areas, dining room and outdoor space. living space to ensure a haute hotel lifestyle stay.

Contemporary and creative cuisine

Under the direction of Executive Chef Keith Pears, each dining and beverage area of ​​the property takes on its own unique personality, confidence and respective menu. To be seen and heard, dress your best and head to Skylight, the hotel’s rooftop bar and restaurant. A manifestation of the 1960s Mediterranean (and channeling the spirit of a bustling Moroccan bazaar), the atmosphere erupts with cool DJ sets, creative cuisine and copacetic residences. This is enhanced with showstopping dishes such as Beef Kebab (packed with an acrobatic presentation); mezze platters to appease the masses (think Babaganoush; Truffle Labneh; Hummus with Shawarma), and comforting Cauliflower & Chickpea Tagine.

Meanwhile, for a daytime pick-me-up that deviates from the predictable and classic tea times, the property offers their newly launched High Beau-Tea in the hotel’s ‘Living Room’, inspired by fashionistas and beauty enthusiasts alike. Presented in a custom makeup caboodle, indulge yourself in three ‘catwalk’ tiers of whimsical treats, including edible strawberry ‘lipsticks’, ruby ​​fudge ‘handbags’, ‘Crystal’ Bread with Niagara Prosciutto, clotted night cream; and more. The dainty savory and sweet bites are as decadent as they appear.

Finally, on the ground floor – you’ll stir up some nostalgia at Public School Coffeehouse + Kitchen – where ‘lesson is in session’ and the lesson plan includes a fancy restaurant and café. In addition to a plant-forward menu (featuring favorites like Baked Truffle Brie; Butternut Squash Risotto; Smashed Avocado Toast), there’s a small bakery section stocked with daily specials and grab-and-go sandwiches like vegan brownies, churro croissants, and cinnamon rolls).

Beauty Bonus: The hidden gem here at Public School is the property’s commitment to partnering with local entrepreneurs. Along the cafe’s shelves, you’ll find a curated selection of beauty and skincare products spearheaded by F&B coach Andre Glashen, such as Synth (sustainable, vegan, and handmade skincare; Dreamline Decor (BIPOC Mother/Daughter duo featuring bath soaps, body oils, and more ); ‘style cubed style’ (founded by 3 sisters) offering enriched homemade body butters; Three Ships Beauty (owned by women) offering uncomplicated, natural and personalized skincare; and many more unique brands that showcase Toronto’s diversity and talents.

Customized shopping services

There’s no better way to discover the city’s sartorial underpinnings than with a stylish guide to show you the way. Through W Toronto’s concierge services, they will recommend you a Personal Shopper from Holt Renfrew (one of the hotelier’s preferred partners), a Canadian luxury department store that not only stocks famous brands but also manages local talent if you’re looking for unique stores. trinkets and wearable art to take home from your travels.

Similar to a matchmaking service, the store will ask you beforehand about your size, style preferences and brands you like. From there, you’ll be matched with a Personal Shopper who will present you with a rack of dynamic designs that span the realm of the timeless, but subtly push you just outside your comfort zone to try something new (and once you’ve bought that item (s ), which you will actually wear at home) – think a pop of colour, a custom hem or an alternative cut – through innovative and luxury brands such as ATP Atelier (Swedish contemporary footwear), Mandkhai cashmere sweaters; and H Project (which spotlights purposeful and sustainable luxury goods).

Rest in the Spa

W Toronto is deeply committed to supporting local businesses. So if you need some R&R, they will recommend one of their partner companies, Majesty’s Pleasure. Founded by Sara Kardan in 2014, she married extraordinary pampering services with a luxurious environment inspired by the hospitality of grand hotel lobbies and bars. These days, with countless outposts in Toronto and NYC, the Yorkville location is a gem tucked down an alley just off the Chanel boutique (sort of a ‘blink and you’ll miss the scenario’ – so be on the lookout). Inside, you’ll be greeted with a cozy atmosphere for self-care, cocktail (or more) in hand, and pampering, including award-winning rejuvenating facials; body scrub and relaxing massages; and signature gel manicures and pedicures.

Bonus: Take the fun home with you through their Dose newsletter and service-oriented articles with beauty and body care tips; and Majesty’s Sounds, special soundtracks and playlists that awaken your senses and uplift your soul – accessible anytime, anywhere.