The Point: Department of Correction Commissioner Louis Molina on fixing Rikers Island


Louis Molina, commissioner of the New York City Department of Correction, has since been granted a reprieve a federal judge gave him more time to deal with the problems on Rikers Island. But will he be able to?

The point

Mayor Eric Adams rejected the idea of ​​bringing in a receiver to fix Rikers, saying it’s up to the city to handle it. Now it’s up to Molina to prove the mayor right.

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Watch Marcia Kramer’s full interview with DOC Commissioner Molina in the video player above, or click here.

Your point

We spoke to two men who have spent time on Rikers and say there are plenty of things that need attention.

Your point: Former Rikers Island inmates say a lot needs to change


Exclamation mark

In a bonus interview exclusive to TBEN News New York, DOC Commissioner Molina responds to former Rikers inmates’ concerns about prison and how inmates are treated.

Exclamation Mark: DOC Commissioner Responds to Concerns of Former Rikers Prisoners


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