‘The screams were horrible’: three mothers share their devastating stories of knife violence


His grim prediction turned out to be correct later that year, when Dwayne was driving along Brixton Road and noticed an attacker chasing a friend of his. He stopped the car and intervened; the forward stabbed Dwayne once in the chest. He died at King’s College Hospital two days later.

“You might think this can never happen to you,” says Lorraine. “I’ve been serving my community since I was 16, doing all the right things and didn’t think this could happen to me.

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Striker Rio Julienne-Clarke was then sentenced to 12 years in prison for manslaughter.

“Everyone should be aware and make this call [to Crimestoppers Anonymous]. You are not only protecting yourself – you are protecting our society from this wall of violence. “

‘My son was murdered in a revenge attack on the wrong man’

Jean Foster’s son Christopher was having a drink with a friend outside a pub on a Friday night in 2013. A group of seven men approached the Borough High Street pub in central London with their faces covered in scarves. They were seeking revenge on another man who they said had attacked one of their cousins ​​a few months earlier. They mistakenly identified Christopher, 34, a single father, as a four-year-old girl. In single file, the seven men approached Christopher from behind, before one of them plunged a 14 inch blade into his back.

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CCTV from the pub captured Christopher’s final moments as he writhed on the floor “in agony,” says Jean (pictured at top of this article), who then had to watch the video so she could authorize its use in a TBEN Documentary. “They just ran like he was nothing. Well my son is something. My son was an angel, working hard as a contributing single parent. I held him to account for his actions, and he was. “

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