The search for the actual best series on Netflix


Inspired by a random headline I just saw about how to watch the “best” show on Netflix after completing Stranger Things, I was wondering if there’s a real way to find out what the best show on Netflix actually is. is?

The problem, of course, is subjectivity. What if the best series on Netflix is ​​the best horror series in the world, but you just hate horror as a genre? Well, no amount of persuasion is likely to get you to watch or enjoy it.

So we need to look at some different stats here. And that might be a Couple of several shows for you to try as it’s unlikely we’ll find a unique conclusion (although I’ll give you my own personal opinion in the end).

The most watched Netflix series

You may immediately think of squid game here, because the 2.2 billion hours of watch time for season 1 trumps any other single season on the service, but the real answer, as far as we can tell from the data, is almost certainly Weird stuff. Unlike Squid Game, Stranger Things has: four seasons under his belt now, and season 4 alone is approaching 1.5 billion hours of viewing in its first month alone. Add in the three also popular seasons before that and yes, Stranger Things is the most watched, and probably by proxy, most accessible series on Netflix.

The most awarded Netflix series

Okay, so you want prestige? Netflix has some options for that too. Speaking of the Netflix original series with the most awards, I think there’s only one truly standout pick here. That would be The crown, the ten-year series about the Royal Family and Queen Elizabeth, which has so far received a whopping 63 nominations and 21 Emmy wins in four seasons. Other shows that you think could be close are not. For example, Ozark has 45 nominations but only 3 wins. Stranger Things has 51 nominations and 7 wins. The crown takes… the crown.

The most loved Netflix series

Here we go to Rotten Tomatoes, which has listed the 200 best Netflix originals of all time. At the end of that list is the number 1 choice, The Babysitters Club, which ran for two seasons and has two perfect 100% scores for both. Obviously, this is a show that Netflix decided to cancel after that. There are many 100% shows, but few that have multiple seasons with so many critics’ reviews. However, if we turn to Metacritic, which doesn’t use thumbs up/down, but the actual number of averages, the highest rated individual season of each show is the last set of BoJack Horseman season 6 episodes, with an average rating of 91.

The audience’s most loved Netflix series

Critical critics, right? What do they know! So if we turn to fan opinions instead, we have some data on the audience score to go on. On Rotten Tomatoes the highest audience rating I can find is for heart stopper at a 97%, the gay high school novel that debuted recently and just picked up for two more seasons. On IMDB, the highest user-rated Netflix original out there Arcane, with 190,000 reviews giving it a score of 9/10, making it the only Netflix show in the top 25 TV shows of all time on that site. It also has a 96% audience rating and 100% critic rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

For my money, if you were trying to make an overall argument for the best Netflix show, your top picks probably hover around three central options, The Crown, Stranger Things, and Arcane, albeit for different reasons, and they’re all wildly different series. And of course there is a personal opinion here. My actual all-time favorite Netflix series? Probably a draw between The Haunting of Hill House and Dark. High on some of these other list stats, but not on top.

Anyway, you can’t really go wrong with anything I’ve mentioned here. Enjoying.

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