The six not-so-secret messages from Donald Trump’s post-presidential office


As much as we try, it’s not easy to forget that there is more than one Trump on the planet. Think you’ve dealt with one, and another will appear, armed with severe inheritance and semi-mastery of dog hissing.

To remind him, and us, his Trump army, Donald has a dozen photographs on a table behind him, all lined up as if they were at a rally. There is her late father, Fred; her children, Eric, Ivanka and Don Jr in London; him and Barron in New York; his late mother, Mary, an oddly cropped head of his wife, Melania; one of him walking to the White House; a flashback for him as a young man… And that’s it.

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The message? The assets will last for generations to come. “There they are,” you can imagine him saying, “it’s all done, everything counts, my family…” So you can imagine silence. Then more silence. Then…

“Oh shit. I forgot about Tiffany again.

5. He has secrets



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