The Ultimate Guide to Outside Lands Festival’s Biggest Food and Drink Lineup Ever


After making a big comeback last year with a special Halloween edition of the festival, San Francisco’s 14th annual Outside Lands Festival returns to its usual summer time, August 5-7. There are over 90+ appearances, including headliners in 2022, GreenDay, Post Malone and SZA. This year is bigger than ever with more than 96 restaurants, 35 wineries and 30 breweries, most of which are from the Bay Area.

Known for its meticulously crafted and exceptionally diverse food and drink lineup, this year is no exception. It highlights a curated program that showcases the best this region has to offer. The culinary offerings span Taste of the Bay Area, Wine Lands, Beer Lands, Cheese Lands, GastroMagic and Cocktail Magic.

From up-and-coming restaurants to established veterans of San Francisco’s food scene, you can find it in iconic Golden Gate Park during this one wild weekend of music, art, culture, food and drink. Here’s everything you need to know about this year’s festival.

Taste of the Bay Area

The Taste of the Bay Area offers a total of 96 restaurants this year, 23 of which are new. Tanya Kollar, food curator of Outside Lands and Taste of the Bay Area lineup, scouts new additions to the culinary lineup throughout the year and checks out new, popular restaurants; exploring emerging food trends; and all while taking into account the longstanding Bay Area restaurants we all know and love.

This year, Kollar honed in on businesses that started or thrived during the height of the pandemic, such as Hi Felicia with their “vulgar” California comfort food; Sandy’s with their New Orleans style Muffuletta Sandwiches; Lord Stanley with their TURNTABLE series of rotating chefs and Fish-Go-Tec pop-up; and Trick Dog’s takeout-friendly offshoot, Quik Dog.

Other notable businesses that have made a splash in the past year include Chef Solomon Johnson and Chef Michael Wood’s The Bussdown, which serves innovative pan-African soul food with flair, and chef’s recently opened, brick and mortar Bodega SF. chef Matthew Ho, who serves lofty Vietnamese cuisine (more on that below).

“Restaurants and chefs have faced immeasurable challenges over the past two years, so it’s inspiring to see these chefs persevere and use their creativity to produce something really special.”

The Taste of the Bay Area lineup really reflects how diverse the Bay Area is. “It’s so important to look at the diversity of cuisines available in the Bay Area and try to reflect that with our culinary lineup,” continues Kollar. “The attendees can taste everything from Cambodian to Korean to Nepalese cuisines!”

Some of the dishes she’s most excited about are Jo’s Modern Thai’s Brisket Drunken Noodles; the Fry Bread Tacos from Wahpepah’s Kitchen; and the Tlayuda con Chapulines (roasted grasshoppers) from Origen, which will make an appearance at the La Cocina Incubator booth one festival day along with two other budding food entrepreneurs. La Cocina is a non-profit organization that helps immigrants, women and people of color launch their culinary dreams, making it a special activation that Kollar is particularly excited about.

“One of the most exciting additions this year is Daytrip, the new and super trendy Oakland natural wine bar, which Whole Hog Parker House Buns will serve from their Wine Lands outpost,” she continues. “El Chino Grande is new this year with a Taiwanese menu featuring hankering Chashao Pork Rice Bowls and Furikake Hurricane Popcorn for when you just need a crunchy snack with your beer!”

“Hello Felicia will be serving Duck Confit Burritos and Fresh Shrimp Ceviche in VIP, both of which I can’t wait to try. VIP card holders can also score Ayesha Curry’s to-die-for Peach Bread Pudding and Sweet July Iced Coffee. Finally, I am so honored to be bringing in the exceptional chefs at The Bussdown this year, who will be offering a hangover menu of loaded Caribbean Rice Bowls and Gansta Mac & Cheese.”

“Recurring favorites include A16 which will be in VIP again this year, serving their authentic Southern Italian cuisine, made entirely from scratch and on site right before your eyes,” says Kollar. “Bodega SF is back and just opened their brick and mortar store in SF after working as a pop up for years. Their Hoi An Chicken Rice becomes the perfect comfort food for those chilly, foggy nights in Golden Gate Park.

“Suppenkuche is also back for the second year in a row, serving Berlin’s favorite street food: Currywurst! Finally, I have to shout out Johnny Donuts because I can’t get through the weekend without my sugar fix via their Chocolate Salted Caramel Old Fashioned Donut. Pair it with a latte and get ready for your second wind!

“As you can see, we certainly achieved a lot of wildly different cultural cuisines, but the goal is to have even more variety next year.”

For the full line-up, click here.

Golden Gate Club and VIP

This year, Outside Land’s takes it further when it comes to their premium experiences. The most premiere of them all is the Golden Gate collaboration with Ken Fulk, which offers diners a star-studded lineup of local culinary and cocktail legends, including food from Nancy Oakes and Dana Younkin of the beloved Boulevard Restaurant; Ravi Kapur of Good Good Culture Club and Liholiho Yacht Club; and Chef Tyler Florence of Miller & Lux.

There is a long list of benefits including access to an exclusive lounge on the main stage (Lands End); viewing areas on the three major stages (Lands End, Twin Peaks and Sutro); and a well-designed toilet block with flush toilets. VIP pass holders also get hand-picked food vendors in a dedicated VIP courtyard and Wine Lands outpost we call Wine Lands Reserve.

“The Golden Gate Club is something really special. This is a collaboration with designer extraordinaire, Ken Fulk. Ken and his team create a magical space for Golden Gate Club members,” explains Allen Scott, President of Concerts & Festivals at Another Planet Entertainment and co-founder of Outside Lands. “We’ve put a lot of thought into putting together our lofty experiences at Outside Lands over the past few years.”

“This year we are blown away that Tyler Florence of Miller & Lux, Nancy Oakes and Dana Younkin of the beloved Boulevard Restaurant, and Ravi Kapur of Good Good Culture Club are serving food to our guests. Imagine being served this incredible food while lounging high above the crowd in a Ken Fulk designed space while watching Green Day! A highlight of this offer is viewing the stage on festival stages. A really cool change to the program this year is the fleet of dedicated carts that will take guests from stage to stage. ”

For more information about the Golden Gate Club and VIP experiences, click here.

The Chefs Behind the Golden Gate Club’s Food Lineup

“We love special events and are very excited to be a part of the Golden Gate Club at Outside Lands this year. Events like these are an exciting way for us to reimagine Boulevard’s food in a unique and new environment,” explained Boulevard Chef/Owner Nancy Oakes and Executive Chef Dana Younkin.

“When we developed our menu for the Golden Gate Club, we eventually developed a few items that are now on our menu in the restaurant, including both the Soft-Shell Crab BLT on a toasted Japanese milk bread bun with sweet corn tartar sauce and the Ahi Chirashi, they continue. “Our goal in doing events like this is to bring Boulevard’s ingredients and flavors on the menu in a smaller format. We are excited for the OSL visitors to try these dishes!”

Boulevard’s menu for Saturday includes an ahi tuna chrashi bowl; soft shell crab blt; grilled lamb chops; summer tomato farrotto; graham cake and caramel popcorn.

“We are so excited to be part of the amazing team of chefs at Outside Lands this year,” said Tyler Florence, executive chef and owner of Miller & Lux. “We’re celebrating our first-ever anniversary at Miller & Lux this fall, so being here allows us to share our food—like our signature M&L Caesar Salad, French Dip Sandwich, and our Pan Seared Salmon—not just with our loyal customers, but with those who may not have had the chance to drop by the restaurant yet.”

Miller & Lux’s Sunday menu includes a pisaladeere tart; M&L Caesar salad; M&L French dip; pan-seared salmon; and a summer peach pavlova.

“I am so excited to be a part of the GGC at OSL,” said Ravi Kapur, executive chef and owner of Good Good Culture Club. “Our inspiration for our dishes, for this event and in the restaurants comes from our heritage, individual and collective. It is often rooted in memories, places, people, experiences that leave a mark on our taste TBEN and in many ways the stories embodying where we come from and also celebrating where we are now. We are less concerned about recreating authentic recipes, but more excited to capture the essence of how those foods and memories make us feel and use that as a springboard of our creativity.”

The Good Good Culture Club menu for Friday features turmeric coconut fried chicken; hunting dog; crispy rice with smoked trout roe; green papaya; strawberry shortcake; and peanut butter s’mores.

Winelands, Beerlands and Cocktail Magic

When it comes to libations, Outside Lands has it covered. Led by sommelier and curator, Perter Eastlake, the wine range features a blend of the most iconic and emerging wines from 35 different wineries. New to the festival is a DJ Station and Sparkling Wine Bar in the courtyard and sparkling wines from Brick & Mortar, Scribe, Banshee, Decoy, Field Recordings and Angels & Cowboys. And of course the star of all rose wines is Maison No. 9, the rose wine of Post Malone from Provence.

“Last year we experienced Wine Lands through the eyes of a headliner with the launch of Jetway at Wine Lands by Albert Hammond Jr. (The Strokes),” explains Eastlake of Maison No. “My conversation with Post’s wine partners has been going on for a few years now and it feels great to welcome him to Golden Gate Park as both artist and winemaker!”

On the beer side, Dave McLean, curator of Veteran Beer Lands, has created a diverse lineup to celebrate Northern California’s outstanding brewing community, featuring 30 premium breweries, including recurring favorites such as Almanac, Discretion, East Brother, HighWater, Pound Farm and North Coast. Newcomers to the festival include Humble Sea, Golden State Cider and Old Caz.

Finally, Cocktail Magic will feature three vibrant cocktail bars. The Buttery Tipple will serve a 70s lounge vibe and cocktails like the Twin Peaks Sunrise with Don Julio Blanco, orange, Hollinger’s grenadine and SF mist tincture. Silver Girls 95 returns with cocktails such as the Amulet with mezcal, green chartreuse, celery juice, lime and peach bitters. And new this year is Everybody’s Tavern, which represents SF’s Pride culture. On the menu is Mimosa Hermosa with Gray Whale gin, sparkling wine, clarified orange, Crème de Pêche and edible flour.