The US needs the help of the Middle East to achieve global stability


Political circles in the region, both Israeli and Arab, are preparing for US President Joe Biden’s visit. President Biden’s program is expected to include the announcement of Israeli-Saudi normalization, a call to the latter to pump more oil into the global market, and the creation of a NATO-like military alliance to counter Iranian influence.

While his visit to Israel aims to reaffirm his commitment to its security, his arrival in Saudi Arabia aims to further US immediate interests, whether that be to influence oil prices, America’s position in the Middle East. restore or expand regional security coordination to confront Iran. By visiting the Palestinian Authority, the US administration will reaffirm its commitment to a two-state solution, without the expectation of a political breakthrough.

In recent days, Israeli research centers and media have published a number of articles and papers discussing the potential benefits Israel will derive from the visit. They also discussed the list of requests in preparation that cover a number of avenues; political, economic, security and military.

Israelis are well aware that Biden’s visit has an internal political significance no less important than its external and international aspects. Midterm elections to the United States Senate and House of Representatives will be held in November 2022. The position of Biden and the Democrats is not that great, his popularity is at 40 percent, not high enough to hold power over both houses. Meanwhile, US election history shows that the party representing the White House usually loses seats in midterm elections, when people express their enthusiasm for the administration’s performance in the first two years of its term in office.

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Biden has a strong interest in visiting Israel before the midterm elections to increase support for Democratic candidates. His visit will help send a message to Israel and the Middle East that the United States has no intention of leaving the region and is determined to protect its allies.

Meanwhile, Israeli circles believe a major failure in the upcoming congressional elections could have ramifications for the 2024 presidential election.

Israelis believe that one of the goals of Biden’s visit is to announce the resumption of financial aid to Palestinians to prevent the collapse of the Palestinian Authority. This goes hand in hand with improving bilateral relations between Washington and Tel Aviv and providing significant military aid to Israel. The energy crisis and the future of the relationship with Saudi Arabia is also an important factor.

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An Arab-Israeli air defense alliance, which includes Egypt, Jordan, Iraq and the Gulf States, is also expected to be announced, with the aim of combating the threat posed by Iranian ballistic missiles and drones. This alliance includes joint intelligence cooperation and an early warning system to identify and intercept Iranian sea missiles.

Israelis wonder if Biden can achieve all of these goals during this visit. The Palestinians may not be satisfied with resuming only financial aid – despite its importance – in light of Biden’s failure to force Israel to follow a political path, or at least the expansion of settlements in the Western United States. Jordan, which has not been delayed prior to the visit.

Although Israel is governed by an interim government, agreements are unlikely to be signed. What Tel Aviv thinks is most important, however, is that progress is being made with Saudi Arabia. Israel hopes to continue its security and military with the kingdom, under the table, under US supervision.

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One of the main goals of the visit, Israelis believe, is to lower oil prices through a clear commitment by Saudi Arabia to increase production over time. The US administration believes that such a commitment will ensure long-term stability.

Israel fully understands the US government’s intentions to share the burden of Iran’s business with countries in the region, to prevent them from moving in a direction that conflicts with US interests.

Biden’s visit coincides with Israeli preparations for a fifth round of snap elections in four years, as well as the congressional midterm elections, and this coincidence may not be in Biden’s interest, who set the date of his visit before the election. resignation of Naftali Bennett and the dissolution of the Israeli Knesset.

However, after two failed wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the United States is no longer able to act alone as a global “police officer”.

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