The White House is prepared for Battle Over House GOP investigations


President Joe Biden shows his more than 40 years of experience in Washington. As the Republicans campaigned amid talks of red waves, Biden did what he could to prevent that wave (and prevented the worst), while also preparing for the vicious investigations that are sure to come. Biden’s team has already hired Richard Sauber, a prominent white-collar lawyer, to lead the legal response to surveillance investigations, according to CNN, in a report that further said:

“As President Joe Biden and the Democrats campaigned to retain their congressional majority, a small team of attorneys, communications strategists and legislative specialists have spent the past few months in Washington preparing for the alternative, two administration officials said.

“The preparations, conducted largely from the Eisenhower Executive Office Building near the White House, are among the earliest and most extensive by any administration ahead of midterm elections and highlight how far-reaching and aggressive Republican scrutiny is expected to be.”

This is how it is done. As reported yesterday, a rapid response team is on hand to crack down on any “outside the bounds” abuse of the surveillance process.

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The team will not only consist of a private attorney for Biden and White House counsel for official matters. The Justice Department will literally check the legality of the investigations, including investigations into the DOJ itself:

“The Ministry of Justice is also bracing for investigations, enlisting renowned government transparency attorney Austin Evers to help respond to regulatory scrutiny. Evers is the founder of the American Oversight group and served as executive director until this year, having previously been responsible for oversight response at the State Department.

The Democrats have (finally) learned not to wait for the investigations to come to defend them, but to expect the attacks to come and maybe even start offensively (a lawyer specializing in transparency?). The plan sounds like pre-positioning resources on the battlefield. It all sounds so bellicose, and yet if you ask any of the Republicans, especially Jim Jordan or Matt Gaetz, they see this as war.

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They believe this is why they are sent to Congress, not to solve problems.