The White House says more classified documents were found in Biden’s home


The White House says five additional documents with classification marks were discovered at President Joe Biden’s residence in Wilmington, Delaware, while a previously discovered document was turned over to Justice Department officials.

In a statement, special counsel to President Richard Sauber said the five documents were found while he and a group of Justice Department officials were reviewing a document discovered earlier this week by Mr Biden’s personal attorneys.

Mr Sauber said the additional documents were not identified when the previously identified document was found because Mr Biden’s personal attorneys do not have the required security clearances to handle documents with classification marks.

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Since Mr Biden’s private legal team, which includes ex-White House attorney Robert Bauer, are not legally allowed to view or deal with such documents, they stopped searching the box that contained the documents when they discovered the first document.

“The president’s personal attorneys conducting the searches do not have active security clearances, so if they identified a document with a secret marking, they stopped and did not review it, suspending any further search of that box, file or other specific room where the document was found, where applicable,” he said.

Here’s what happened in Wilmington on Wednesday when the president’s personal attorneys discovered a document with a one-page classified mark in a room off the garage. At that point, the president’s personal attorneys stopped searching the immediate area where the document was found.”

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Mr Sauber added that the “next step” in the process, which he described as “coordinated” with the Justice Department, was for Ministry officials to take possession of the original document.

He said he traveled to Wilmington to “facilitate” the DOJ’s provision of the first document because he has appropriate security clearance.

“As I passed it along to the DOJ officials accompanying me, five additional pages of classification marks were discovered among the material included, for a total of six pages,” he said, adding that the Justice Department “immediately took possession of all six pages.

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Sauber continued that the White House has now released “specific details” about how the documents were found, when they were found and where they were located, asking further questions of Justice Department special counsel Robert Hur who is a lawyer. General Merrick Garland has been assigned to oversee an investigation into how the documents ended up in Mr Biden’s residence and a Washington think tank where he had held an office while not working for the government.

“The appointment of special counsel in this case this week means that we will now refer specific questions to the special counsel’s office. As I said Thursday, the White House will work with the newly appointed special counsel,” he said.