‘These are not pets’: man gives away his two pit bulls after news of child being run over | TBEN


Two-year-old pit bulls Spot and Rocky are given away to the SPCA.

  • A KZN businessman disturbed by reports of pit bulls killing children gives away his two pit bulls.
  • The SPCA of Bloemfontein is calling on the public to take their aggressive dogs to safety.
  • Roseview Primary School has sent condolences to their Year 3 student, Olebogeng Mosime, after he was run over by a pit bull on Saturday.

Traumatized by the news that a pit bull killed 8-year-old Olebogeng Mosime in Bloemfontein, a KwaZulu-Natal man gives his two pit bull dogs to the SPCA.

Billy Dlamini, 43, from Umhlanga, bought the dogs he named Rocky and Spot for R2000 each in 2020 when they were “cute” puppies.

The businessman told TBEN on Monday that he made a difficult decision to give the dogs away because he realized “these are not pets”.

“I made the decision to give the dogs away because of recent reports of their danger to society, especially to children.”

Dlamini said he would hand over the dogs to the SPCA in Durban on Saturday.

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The murder of Olebogeng by a neighbor’s pit bull in the Vista Park suburb of Bloemfontein on Saturday afternoon occurred as an online petition calling for the government to ban pit bulls as pets was circulating.

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The petition was created by Sizwe Kupelo, of the Sizwe Kupelo Foundation, after a 10-year-old boy was killed by his family’s two pit bulls in Gqeberha. A number of children have been killed and adults seriously injured in a spate of pit bull attacks across the country this year, sparking heated debates over responsible pet ownership in South Africa.

The full name of the breed is American pit bull terrier.

Following reports of Olebogeng’s murder, the number of signatures on Kupelo’s petition rose from 44,000 to 57,000 on Monday afternoon.

Kupelo said: “We urge people to support our call for a ban on these bloodthirsty animals. Although we have set ourselves a target of 50,000, we are still encouraging more people to sign… We are already in contact with the minister’s office [of the Department of Agriculture and Land Reform and Rural Development].”

Kupelo added that the foundation also welcomed SPCA Bloemfontein’s position to accept aggressive pit bulls that their owners no longer wanted.

“They also collect from the household that wants to give them away to the SPCA,” he said.

In a statement, the SPCA of Bloemfontein said: “The loss of human life, every life is tragic and as a preventative measure we would like to advocate to the public for the surrender of aggressive animals to the Bloemfontein. [SPCA] so that similar incidents do not occur and that even at the end of an aggressive animal’s life it is treated with dignity and respect.”

Roseview Primary School, where Olebogeng was in grade 3, described him as a bright student who would remain in their hearts forever.

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Olebogeng’s distraught grandmother, Siphiwe Litabe, described the behavior of the dog that killed his grandson as that of a lion.

She said the dog hid in her garage and waited for her and her two grandchildren to come out of hiding before plunging into Olebegeng and tearing open his throat.

The police arrived and shot the dog dead. Two other dogs involved were placed in custody by the SPCA.

Mangaung police have opened an investigation.

Olebogeng’s family told TBEN they would open criminal proceedings against their neighbours.