These are the promising handbag designers you need to know by now


The spring / summer 21 season is fast approaching. With the world slowly but steadily opening up, there has never been such an increase in demand for fun and stimulating fashion. Leading international brands such as Bottega Veneta and Valentino are quickly joining the race by launching full ranges of accessories in bright colors and eye-catching designs. However, if you want to stand out this season with something other than Prada and Chanel, these are the emerging handbag designers you need to know by now.

Tubici: the trendy label with an attitude

Tubici is not only a handbag brand, it is a way of living and expressing, with an Italian attitude that can be communicated through style. The brand’s laid-back, nonchalant cool-kid vibe was quickly recognized and embraced by glitterati, and Tubici’s designs were subsequently spotted on the who’s who in the fashion world.

The co-founders of Tubici, Domenico Iovine and Vincezo Sabatino, both come from architecture and design, a field in which they are still very involved through the work in their design studio DSIGNINCMILANO. These lovers are the definition of the fusion of talents, as they got married 3 years ago after 5 years together. Tubici was only born in 2019 when Iovine and Sabatino wanted to convey their creative thoughts into something more tangible. “We define aesthetics and design runs in our veins, in our blood!” The couple passionately declares.

“Bags have always been a status symbol, and when we wear one we all want to feel good, to be noticed. And at that point, that object communicates who we are. Iovine and Sabatino refer to the drop of their lines of miniature bags “Mykonos” and “Paris”, which are made of various materials and can be worn as a necklace. “They can still be worn practically, any time of the day and any place, a genderless object that could always go with you.”

With the second season, the Tubici family is enriched with 2 other shapes: “New York” and “Roma” – “two mini bags to carry in the hand or on the shoulder, with well-defined stylistic connotations.” The first range is made in satin or leather, covered with crystals or feathers; while the latter is more of an everyday bag made of supple leather in a range of colorful shades.

Dara Hamarneh: The definition of minimalist elegance

Growing up moving around the Middle East a lot, Dara Hamarneh is not your typical Arab girl and has always been obsessed with fashion. When she went to Florence for her undergraduate degree, Hamarneh seized the opportunity and took the plunge to learn more about the industry, and the launch of her eponymous bag label was a natural step after the designer n failed to find a perfect one on the market.

“My main inspiration comes from my mother’s wardrobe. She’s always been so good at picking out wardrobe staples – she’s had things in her closet for years and years that still seem amazing today. Hamarneh talks about his inspiration for his design and explains how important it is that his design stands the test of time while remaining elegant and timeless. “My references are usually from the 90s or 60s, these are two periods that I feel like I can always look back and find something that seems so relevant.”

It is not surprising that Hamarneh wants his client to feel reassured, because the brand is not fast fashion at all: “I want them to know that they made the right decision, that this bag will stay. a long time with them, it will be convenient and it will work for them!

The aesthetic of the line is simple yet elegant, made of quality leather that is duarable. Hamarneh’s favorites are Baguette in Iceberg (£ 440) and Valletta on Chain in Taupe (£ 410): “These are great everyday pieces! Canarino’s styles are also amazing because it’s such a beautiful shade of yellow.

Simitri: the happy clutch that continues to give

Simitri’s founder and designer, Gayatri Chopra, has always been a collector of large bags, and wanted to combine her love for statement accessories with her passion for bag design.

“That was 12 years ago and today that feeling and that excitement is exactly the same. I always have butterflies in my stomach when I create a new design and even more so when I see the end result and the product come to life. These bags literally live in my head and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Chopra said with a smile.

Simitri’s designs are distinctly unique and colorful, with an undeniably uplifting and fun vibe. When it comes to creating her bags and accessories, Chopra loves to combine different colors with different textures, fabrics and handicrafts; things like clean lines and shapes with exaggerated and artistic experiences. “Like ‘beautiful chaos’ in India, ‘structured chaos’ is how we define our products. We like to be a little more. ”

When you ask the designer what her favorite creations are, she says although she’s visibly torn: “Ombré bags, Beetle briefcases and the Red Lips Don’t Lie clutch have always been some of my favorite staples. of the brand from the start. My current obsession is the Dino briefcase bag. Chopra is currently in New Delhi working on another collection, which she believes could be the brightest and most daring yet. The brand is also now officially available online via Anthropologie.



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