“Thin skin.” Reddit users call out Chinese student at NTU for objecting to use of ‘Lunar New Year’ instead of ‘Chinese New Year’ – Singapore News


SINGAPORE: After a student from China at Nanyang Technological University claimed that using the term “Lunar New Year” instead of “Chinese New Year” is a result of discrimination, local Reddit users had a lot to say.

On Thursday (Jan 19) Reddit user Mr JasonMason posted a screenshot of a social media post with the caption: “Chinese student at NTU furious over use of ‘Lunar New Year’ instead of ‘Chinese New Year’, alleges censorship and discrimination on campus.”

The photo shows the title of an article “How the Lunar New Year Is Celebrated Around Asia” with the word “Lunar” crossed out and the word “Chinese” written in its place.

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Netizens seemed to find the correction unnecessary.

“We’ve always used Chinese New Year for CNY,” wrote one Redditor, adding, “Typical insecure behavior from a citizen of the People’s Republic of China. Scared that the whole world doesn’t know that LNY is mainly associated with the Han Chinese race.

“Korea too” is celebrating the Lunar New Year, someone noted.

“Interestingly, Islam also uses the lunar calendar (dates also correspond to the Chinese!) but the Islamic lunar new year is a few months later!”

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A Reddit user wrote: “The Korean, Vietnamese and some others also celebrate on that day. it is not exclusively Chinese. that said, most of the population here is Chinese and so far the local and Malaysian Chinese don’t seem to have a problem with the naming convention. it is only the ultra-nationalist CCP that supports Ah Tiongs that has a problem.”

“Thin skin PRC,” wrote another netizen.

One netizen commented, “Any kind of criticism, especially from abroad, results in a very defensive response, usually attacking the messenger and not the message.”

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A Reddit user responded to the original post “to say we’re in SG, not China.”

The owner of the post added in a comment that a similar incident happened in New York City.


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