This country issues guidelines for safe sex amid COVID-19 outbreak, here are the bizarre standards


In a bizarre development, the New South Wales, Australia health website has implemented COVID-19 bedroom safety guidelines.

In the guidelines, the NSW health website advised people to maintain a physical distance of 1.5 meters during sex

Notably, COVID-19 is not spread through semen or vaginal fluid, but it can be spread through droplets and that is why the directive advises against kissing. The directive also mentions that the wearing of masks is extremely important.

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The website says that in the midst of COVID-19, having a physical relationship with strangers or strangers is risky.

According to health experts, following the guidelines set by the NSW health website will protect not only from COVID-19, but also sexually transmitted infections. It is also considered to be an effective means of birth control. The directive advises people to talk to each other by phone or video chat.

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The website also advised for solo sex. However, the guidelines say that if you have a physical relationship with someone who is already living with you, you don’t have to worry. But those with multiple partners should exercise caution.