‘This is called parenting’: Netizens criticizes person who made video of mother hitting toddler in Hougang pool for ‘almost 30 minutes’ – TBEN Singapore News


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A video of a woman berating a little boy — hitting and beating him repeatedly — went viral on Saturday (September 17).

Although the video is only a minute and a half long, the person who posted the video said the woman spent about half an hour with the child at the Hougang swimming complex around 4:30 PM on Wednesday (Sept. 14).

The mother hit the child, who appears to be about three or four years old, on the buttocks and cheeks, and he hit her back several times.

You can also see the woman roughly pulling him up by his arms and yelling at him.

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While some internet users said they were shocked at how the woman treated the child, many commentators said this is just part of parenting and scolded the poster for making a video of the incident.

Ms. Lara sent the video to the crowdsourced news site Stomp.

She told Stomp, “The woman hit the child once and he mirrored her action LIGHT. However, she got into an adult tantrum by pulling, dragging and beating him for the public to watch.

The child lay and was weak from crying and hitting, but the beating continued whether he was lying or sitting.

The whole ordeal that I (and more than 20 people) witnessed lasted about 30 minutes, with pulling and towing involved.”

She added that her “intent is to raise awareness and help the poor toddler” as well as his mother, and that she has not made a report to the police.

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“Honestly, I wanted to approach the woman and ask if she needed help.

If this can be done in public for the world to watch without anyone bothering to intervene to help the poor children, I can’t imagine what goes on behind closed doors.”

However, many internet users believed that the mother had the right to raise her child the way she sees fit, as it is not easy to deal with a child in a tantrum.

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Some of the commentators said they were subjected to the same kind of discipline themselves.

But others seemed to agree with Ms. Lara and were concerned about how the woman was treating her child.


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