‘This is hope’: Black Doctor’s COVID-19 consortium 24-hour clinic vaccinates more than 4,000 people


PHILADELPHIA (TBEN) – The Black Doctor’s COVID-19 Consortium says its first mass vaccination clinic was a success. More than 4000 people were inoculated in 24 hours with vax-a-thon.

“This is hope, this is hope,” said Dr Ala Stanford, the discovery consortium.

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Hope administered with a bullet in his arm.

The Black Doctors COVID-19 consortium held a 24-hour vaccination clinic at the Liacouras Center at Temple University. The clinic was the first of its kind in Philadelphia.

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“It tells me that people want to live. They see it as potentially saving their lives, but also giving them back their livelihood, ”Stanford said.

“I have a husband. I have children, grandchildren and I want to be with them,” said Joann Cornitcher of Southwest Philadelphia.

Now when they planned this clinic, they ordered 2,500 doses. And then, around midnight, they had to make an emergency call to the city to get 1,900 more.

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When Eyewitness News arrived at the center at 4 a.m. on Saturday, the line was extending around the block. Many of them waited for hours in the freezing cold.

Stanford says they were inundated with patients from the start and were never able to catch up.

“The hardest part is when we started there were 1,000 people online when we started today and it seemed like there were 1,000 people online all day no matter what. the speed at which we were moving, ”she said.

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Regardless of the wait times, these people say the chance of beating COVID was too great to pass up.

“Do you want to live? Have a choice, live or die,” Cornitcher said.

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The consortium is now preparing to organize another clinic in three weeks for booster injections. They can also organize a second mass vaccination event for the first inoculations in the future.



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