This startup converts old cars into electric vehicles


A startup called London Electric Cars is showing how to convert vintage cars to electric vehicles so they don’t get thrown in landfills. According to the UK government’s green energy policies, nearly 46% of total cars are expected to be electric by 2030 to meet the country’s climate targets. According to a report, the government is already providing motorists up to £ 2,000 (around Rs 2.03 lakhs) to leave their old cars behind. Now, owners of classic cars can keep their vehicles without polluting too much, thanks to the startup.

Founder Matthew Quitter started the startup in 2017 after converting his own 1953 Morris Minor. He changed the gasoline engine to a set of nine lithium-ion prismatic cells.

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“I saw companies in California converting cars and at the time nobody in the UK was doing it,” Quitter told Euronews Next.

Currently, the London Electric Cars team consists of 10 engineers who convert gasoline engines to clean energy engines. Engineers convert vintage vehicles into zero-emission cars using recycled Nissan Leaf and Tesla batteries. They work with 3D printers and lithium-ion cells. However, the Quitter team tries to keep much of the cars’ original equipment and accessories.

“One of the things we try to do is maintain the cars as much as possible for historical integrity,” Quitter said. For example, the indicators in old cars are not as consistent as in modern cars. But Quitter’s engineers keep them intact because the owners are fond of such eccentricities.

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Since older cars lack modern features like power steering and satellite navigation, converting these cars requires less labor. Therefore, the conversion price becomes more affordable.

The team takes up to six months to convert a car. The conversion price starts from 25,000 GBP (approx Rs. 25.3 lakhs).

After the launch of the business, many other electrical conversion companies emerged in the UK. But, according to Quitter, London Electric Cars is different as it tries to bring this facility to the mass market. They also have conversion kits which can be sent to car owners. The company is also trying to convert a car in less time.

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