This year’s most popular international spa destinations will surprise you


There’s a reason spa-focused destinations have become so coveted in the travel industry. More than ever, we all need to set aside some time to rest and recover from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and everyday stressors – and there’s no better way to do this than a few days dedicated to relaxation and well-being.

We quickly think of Scandinavian countries or wellness-focused destinations like Bali or Beppu, but the most popular spa destinations of 2023 might surprise you. New data from analyzed spa travel destinations worldwide to see which places are currently trending online. The data shows that the most popular spas have shifted, while also outlining a 62,000% increase in the total number of spa-focused travel searches worldwide.

Here are the top five places emerging as the most popular spa destinations around the world:

Costa Rica

The most searched country among spa destinations is Costa Rica with a 62,273% increase in searches. The country boasts dozens of spas and wellness retreats nestled in the rainforest or along the coast, allowing travelers to enjoy all the comforts of a luxury retreat while being immersed in nature at the same time.


Germany has a long history with spas and is home to some of the most lavish spas and wellness centers in the world. In fact, there are about 350 spa towns ranging from the Bavarian Alps to the Black Forest, with the most famous being Baden-Baden. The country has seen a 12,400% increase in searches so far this year.


Croatia also has many spas specializing in wellness and health, several of which are naturally occurring thermal and mineral springs. The country saw a 1,019% increase in searches and offers a relatively budget-conscious destination for wellness travelers looking to book a European vacation.


Like Croatia, Moldova is a relatively budget-friendly wellness trip that won’t skimp on relaxation and luxury. The country has a ton of spa options for all kinds of wellness warriors, from luxury resorts to traditional bathhouses.


Cambodia also offers a wide variety of spa and wellness focused destinations and more international travelers are starting to take notice. The country has plenty of spas in luxury hotels and resorts, but you’ll also find spa treatments and facilities using traditional Cambodian techniques and natural ingredients, as well as outdoor treatments that allow guests to get in touch with nature.


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