‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Exclusive: Natalie Portman Reveals Why She Returned to the MCU


After starring in the first two Thor movies, Natalie Portman essentially disappeared from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) for nearly a decade. That is, see you this year Thor: Love and Thunder, which saw her return as The Mighty Thor. So how was she lured back to the role? As revealed in Decider’s exclusive clip from the Thor: Love and Thunder With 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and DVD bonus features, there’s a pretty simple answer: they ignored continuity.

“I hadn’t been to the last movie, it was so great, and I really enjoyed watching it,” Portman explains in the clip. “But I had been out of the Marvel world for a while. [Director] taika [Waititi] came to my house to talk to me about coming back, and about what Jane The Mighty Thor would be like. It was interesting to think about what that experience could be.”

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Chris Hemsworth, who stars as Thor and has appeared in all the movies as well as the avengers movies, adding that his experience with Waititi on Thor: Ragnarok helped convince Portman that whatever happened in the MCU, love and thunder wouldn’t be more of the same. “She was kind of, you know, this very different direction for the character and kind of worried about hey does this match, does this, continuity from this to that. And we just said, never mind. That’s what happened in Ragnarok, who cares what we’ve done before? It’s just kind of a rebirth, or a new exploration of the character. And she was excited about it.”

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In the rest of the clip, you can watch Portman train for the role – she was famously given the yoke to play the character – and hear stunt coordinator Kyle Gardiner and Waititi talk about Portman’s big return.

And this is far from the only bonus feature on the set, which hits stores on September 27… There’s the required gag reel and deleted scenes, an audio commentary with Waititi, and multiple featurettes, including “Hammer-worthy: Thor and The Mighty Thor, “Shaping a Villain” and “Another classic Taika adventure.” Bonus features vary by retailer, and if you want to watch the movie right now, good news: it’s available digitally to purchase or stream on Disney+

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