Thousands of LAUSD student and employee passwords to be changed after cyberattack


In the wake of a compromised account, cybersecurity experts recommend changing account passwords. But in the case of the cyberattack on the Los Angeles Unified School District, it involves changing the passwords of thousands of students and staff who need to be entered at a district location.

LAUSD Target of Ransomware Attack, Computer Systems Affected in the district’s technology systems over the weekend, disrupting some of its computer systems, including email, district officials said. It was confirmed on Monday as a remote cyberattack. Critical business systems, employee health care or payroll were unaffected and campuses opened as scheduled Tuesday.

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However, after the pandemic has shifted so much communication between students and staff online, a cyber attack is a major disruption to systems such as teacher lesson plans and student Aeries accounts.

“While we don’t anticipate major technical issues that will prevent Los Angeles Unified from providing instruction and transportation, food or Beyond the Bell services, business operations could be delayed or changed,” a statement from the district said. “Based on a preliminary analysis of critical business systems, employee health care and payroll are unaffected, and the cyber incident did not impact school safety and emergency mechanisms.”

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According to the district, students and employees on a district site will have to reset their password. The district has drawn up a schedule for different groups of students and employees to keep waiting times to a minimum.

  • 7 a.m. — administrators/teachers
  • 9:00 am — support staff
  • 10 am — high school students
  • 11am — Primary/Secondary School Students

No one seems to have taken credit for the cyber attack. It appears to be criminal in nature, district officials said, and the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency are investigating it.

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