Three Lions gets a Christmas rewrite – with a nod to the lionesses


They also decorate a Christmas tree with the Jules Rimet Trophy while wearing Christmas jumpers and are joined by 1966 English hero Sir Geoff Hurst.

Baddiel and Skinner discussed the track’s release, which will be accompanied by a celebratory video, on The One Show Thursday.

“We couldn’t resist the fact that the World Cup was over Christmas, and people have said in the past that football songs are a bit tacky, and of course Christmas songs are a bit tacky,” said Skinner.

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“In math, two negatives make a positive, so we think there’s so much gooey in there that it’s going to be a classic.”

Baddiel added: “The lionesses brought it home, football came home and some would say it’s the end of the song, stop singing.

“But we decided to give it another try because the guys didn’t take it home.”

A preview clip was shown, featuring Skinner and Baddiel dressed in Christmas sweaters, laid next to their younger selves and a tree decorated with lioness balls, as they sang.

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“The dudes seem cursed no matter what they try and I think I know why, they’re just cursed in July,” they sing.

“But it’s December… three lions on a sleigh. Inspired by lionesses, Santa Claus says, ‘Let’s play’.”

Speaking of the Lioness’ performance that stormed to victory over Germany in July, Skinner said: “The fact is the best I’ve ever seen an England team play was this summer and it was the Lionesses.

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“It wasn’t like ‘oh yes, we have to support the women’s game’, no, this was brilliant football.”

Three Lions was first released by Ian Broudie, frontman of Skinner, Baddiel and Lightning Seeds in 1996, and has since become a staple at every major international football competition.

England’s first game at the 2022 World Cup will take place against Iran on Monday.


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