Three startups, three ideas: How young entrepreneurs are working on the food of the future in the Maggi Areal


Sauces and bouillon in the past, today the food of the future: the Maggi area is blossoming into the “Food Valley”

When it comes to food, Zurich’s Kemptthal is now the place to be. Many start-ups settle there to work on new products, from cold coffee to pea meat. An on-site inspection.

Anything but cold coffee: cold brewed coffee is trendy. The start-up Barrel Coffee is one of several young companies trying their luck in the food market from Kemptthal.

Henry Muchenberger

It used to smell strongly of bouillon and sauces here. The long industrial site in Kemptthal, between Zurich and Winterthur, housed the Maggi factory for over 100 years, which manufactured products for the whole world. 20 years ago it suddenly became quiet on the site. The food group Nestlé, which had previously bought the company, relocated all production to Germany.


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