Titus Low Out Of Jail, Plans To Prioritize Firstborns And Return To OnlyFans ‘WITHOUT Anything Illegal’


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Titus Low has been released from prison.

The 22-year-old OnlyFans creator announced his newfound freedom in a TikTok video on November 9, 2022.

@tituslowask me something♬ original sound – Titus Low

Low was sentenced to three weeks in prison for violating a police order to access his OnlyFans account. He was fined another S$3,000 for sending obscene materials through the platform.

In his video, Low said his time in prison “wasn’t the best experience”, adding that he’s glad it’s over and ready to move on with this chapter of his life.

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He also told his followers to leave a comment if they have any questions about his time behind bars.

Speak with mothershipLow gave further insight into his experience after his release: “[…] You will feel like everything is a privilege from the showers, sun, fresh air, bed, privacy etc.”

It’s not something he would want to experience again, Low said.

The online creator added that he will share more in a YouTube video.

What’s next?

When asked what’s next, Low revealed that he’s looking forward to a few things.

Among them is his upcoming baby with wife Cheryl Chin, who runs his ice cream parlor Only Creamery, as well as plans to return to OnlyFans.

“My baby is coming in March so priorities are with her and including new content for my socials but I’m going back to OnlyFans WITHOUT anything illegal of course, not to mention my ice cream shop and we just got a new product with new flavors too !”

But he also acknowledges that life can be unpredictable: “I don’t think we really know exactly what the future holds, life sometimes changes in the weirdest ways!”

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And if you’re wondering why Low’s hair is still intact, he explained that inmates on short sentences of less than 30 days don’t have to shave their heads.

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Top image via Titus Low’s Instagram page

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